Relaxation at Essentially Elisabeth


Aromatherapy is the use of a fragrant pharmacy of essential oils. A blend of oils is created and tailored to your requirements and then the oils are inhaled and massaged into the skin. They can also be used in a burner to enhance the treatment. Essential oils are tiny organic molecules containing in some cases, as many as 200 chemical constituent parts. It is these that give the oil its therapeutic qualities and aroma.

It is a timeless apothecary as far back as the 4 BC Hippocrates, (often called the “father of medicine”), was quoted as saying that “the way to health was to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day”. The term “Aromatherapy” was created by Rene-Maurice Gattefoose who on burning his hand and plunging it into lavender oil, found that the pain lessened and it healed quickly and with little scarring. This remarkable discovery made him research deeper and he went on to publish a book in 1937.

Whatever your state of mind or present concern there are lovely oils to help and when coupled with an aromatherapy treatment they become a powerful tool to treat yourself to.

Come with some ideas of your favourite oils or be prepared to blend some new oils with your therapist for your present requirements.

PAMPER AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: Full body massage using warm oils blended to suit. This lovely massage also includes the face, scalp and some reflexology.

£55 for 90 minutes

RELAXING BACK MASSAGE : Using freshly blended warm oils to suit.

£40 for 60 mins

HOLISTIC FACIAL : Pure aromatherapy oils for an amazing simple facial.

£35 for 45 minutes.

DELUXE HOLISTIC FACIAL : Using a tailored blend of your choice. Includes acupressure and facial points.

£45 for 60 minutes.

Hot basalt stones can be added as an extra to enhance your treatment.

£10 extra