Relaxation at Essentially Elisabeth

Ear Candling

This different treatment involves putting special lighted candles in your ears and observing them, whilst they burn. There are many different kinds of ear candles from small “Hopi” candles to large Canadian ones. Some candles have added essential oils to create an aroma whilst they burn. Your therapist will choose the right one for you.

The history of Ear candling states that Egyptians, Essenes, Mayans and Tibetans used them over 3,000 years ago. There is evidence that the Romans and Greeks used them also. Hopi candles get their name from the native American Hopi Indians of North Eastern Arizona. These Indians used their candles for spiritual cleansing purposes but today we use them for all sorts of therapeutic reasons.

This treatment is suitable for all, but especially for those who have head congestion, sinus or ear problems. It is also useful for troubled minds as the benefit goes far beyond the actual ear treatment.

Ear candles are gently inserted into the ears and lighted. This creates a massaging effect within the ear which cleanses and purifies.

While the candles are burning, a scalp massage is also performed. This different but very relaxing treatment is finished off with a gentle face massage.

£45 for 50 minutes with full consultation