Relaxation at Essentially Elisabeth

Indian Head Massage

This treatment is one that will lift you out of the stresses of daily life, clear your head and mind and provides a real answer to aching shoulder and neck muscles. It sounds different and it is.

From the streets of Calcutta to Bombay simple head massages have been performed for thousands of years. Treatments today now incorporate the best of scalp massages as performed by the Indian barbers, oils for the best hair care as used by the Indian women and elements of the Indian Medical System: Ayurveda. All these came together in the hands of one sightless man called Narendra Mehta who in 1995 introduced the first course which led to a qualification to practise head massage. His tireless passion for this led him to write “Touch connects us to the outside world, brings people closer and weaves intimacy” (Indian Head Massage Thorsons 1999 London)

This is a wonderful treatment which involves you sitting in a chair, you can even be fully clothed if you wish. It is a lovely introduction to Holistic therapies and a firm favourite that clients return to time after time.

A wonderful back, neck, head and face massage using the time-honoured system of Ayurvedic medicine. Suitable for everyone, especially those who study a lot or carry tension in their shoulders.

£40 for 60 minutes with full consultation

With our without pre-blended oils – your choice. Extra cost of £10 for personal blend.